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Monday, June 30, 2008

So much to do......

So my blog is so far in the "infant" stages, with what little exta time I have, I plan on updating somewhat frequently. I had wondered if I should have one for family, and one for my business, but since I want both, but don't really have the time for TWO blogs on top of TWO Myspaces, a website AND my Etsy shop, one will have to do for now! And I of course need to start adding lots more blogging friends to my page! This blogging world will be fun!

For today I need to get back to the house, sewing and taking care of kids. I will also be working on adding some more of these fabulous cloth rattle balls for babies to my shop. So check out my shop in the future for more goodies!

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My Three Sons!

My Three Sons!
(from left to right) Casey, Kian and Mikah